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  • Q what is your bags shelf life and how to store?

    All PCO2 bags will have 6 month shelf life but all depends on the temperature and humidity of the storage place.We advise to storage them in cool and dry warehouse , keep used products sealed well and avoid direct sunshine. Preferably consume and use them all once opened. 
  • Q I see your?bags?are?labeled “ COMPOSTABLE ”.??What?does?that?mean and?what's?the?difference?between?Compostable?and Biodegradable?

    PCO2 products are certified as Compostable according to DN 6400 and EN 13432 standards,meaning they can be consumed by micro-organisms in an industrial compost facility and meet the testing specifications under both programs. Our bags are digested by these microbial bacteria, along with food and yard waste, to become soil or fertilizer. 
  • Q What extrusion equipment is needed to blow PCO2? ?

    Using our PCO2 for film extrusion requires extruders and temperature settings just like conventional Low Density Polyethylene.
  • Q What is PCO2 made from?

    PCO2 is our registered trade mark for a compostable resin compounded by ourselves from PBAT/PPC/PLA. All of these three resins are proven to be compostable. Our PCO2 resin and its finished bag products are certified at BPI and Din Certco.
    PCO2 resin is designed for film extrusion only.
    PPC, is polypropylene carbonate, a copolymer of CO2 and propylene oxide.
  • Q Do you sell inventory products? ?

    A No, all of our bags are made-to-order.


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